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Christine Guest Designs

Interesting Patterns for you to knit or crochet

Herringbone Toque
Toque $5.00
Herringbone Cowl
Cowl $5.00
Herringbone Parallelogram Scarf
Scarf $5.00
Herringbone Rectangular Scarf
Scarf $5.00
Knitted Library Windows Watchcap
Knitted Watchcap $5.00
Library Windows Watchcap
Crochet Watchcap $5.00
the Holly Mittens
Holly Mittens $5.00
the Ivy Mittens
Ivy Mittens $5.00
Tin of Tans
Tin of Tans $5.00
Attleboro Sweater
Attleboro Sweater Free
9 patch dishcloth
9 Patch Dishcloth Free