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If the platform you bought my pdf from doesn't support updates, please e-mail me.

I updated the Herringbone Toque from hatherringbone15.pdf to HatFebruary.pdf. In the smallest size, two of the decreases should have been decrease 3, but were written decrease 2.

I updated the Herringbone Rectangular Scarf from Bluntscarf7.pdf to Bluntscarf12.pdf. The abbreviations were inconsistent.

I updated the Attleboro Sweater to AttleboroSweater11.pdf on Ravlery and Craftsy. The Stitch count and row repeat instructions were inaccurate and confusing in the Rapid Decrease section of the Body Front. October 2015

I updated Tintin.pfd to Tintin2.pdf, I forgot to say turn at the end of Row 1.

I updated cowl12.pdf to cowl14.pdf. I needed to add a note about how to do the increases in Row 1, since it's just about impossible to work a M1 into a provisionallly cast on row.