Button Holes, Grafting, Finishing and Design Conciderations for Miniature Herringbone Stitch

Here is the end of the MHB posts – unless of course I get curious about another aspect of the fabric.  I was thrilled to read Naomi’s comment on the last one, maybe someday someone will comment that they have Continue reading

Markers, Increases, Decreases and Short Rows in Miniature Herringbone Stitch

Miniature Herringbone Stitch, a super thick, cool, underused stitch, has some quirks when you are designing with it.  It helps to choose your needles, and think about your cast on and bind off a bit differently. But I loved  how Continue reading

More about Minature Herringbone Stitch

Ah, Miniature Herringbone Stitch, the super dense knit fabric that looks woven. My Herringbone skirt was made in it.  I played a lot with it in swatches, here are my findings and opinions about using it for more than just Continue reading