A plan to tweak a decrease in ribbed zigzags.

I’ve been playing with motifs framed in ribbing lately.  I like to grow the points from the center with yo, k1, yo, alternating with yo, p1, yo, but I’m still looking for the best double decrease to use on the top point.  I’ve been using a CDI alternating with CDIp, which is reversible and fairly fluid, but I thought I’d try a swatch with k3tog and p3tog, as well as sl1 wyib, y2tog, psso, because I’d like to see if they emphasize the lines smoothing together, not the keystone at the top.

Why am I writing this as if I haven’t made the swatch yet and taken photos?  I haven’t made the swatch yet and taken photos – Surprise! It’s Friday already.

So here is my swatch plan.

I’m going to get myself another cup of coffee, turn on the news podcast, and see if I can make this swatch and photograph it before it’s actually this afternoon.  No blocking though – tsk, tsk.

48 minutes later:

As I knit the swatch, I had to fix the chart 5 times.  I also realized that I could steam the swatch, and it would look a little bit better!

I think I like k3tog/p3tog best.  They are hard to tell apart from the sl1, k2tog, psso and p2tog, sl1, psso, but faster and easier to do.

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