Lovely Links

Lee Meredith has a post up about using her new stencils on fabric with different painting methods – it’s practically an e-course!

I read all of the posts on How to Become a Knitting Professional.  When I read the title An Interview with…Svetlana Gordon  I thought, who?  Then I saw the photo and realized I’ve been admiring her work on Ravelry for a long time, it’s geometric poetry.  I hope she does travel the world giving master classes, and I hope I get to take one!

On another HtBaKP post, Robin was interviewed by Teresa Gregorio on her continuing quest to help petite knitters get the best fit possible.   Which linked to a helpful post on altering sleeve caps – one of the forever spots a petite knitter should get comfortable altering.  (I think I’ve only made 3 or 4 sweaters with set in sleeves, so this includes me.)

Look, a project using Miniature Herringbone Stitch!

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