Lovely Links: Casting on a lot of stitch and Amigurumi

Yes, casting on a large number of stitches is a pain can be a challenge. Helpful article on how to keep track

All the questions at the end of this introduction to Amigurumi came up in the children’s class I taught on Amigurumi. I haven’t checked out all of the links in the end, but I wanted to keep track of this post in case I ever teach Amigurumi again to children at the coop. One tip I will give myself is to make all of the kids buy the same pattern – when there is a mix of free and paid patterns, and different instruction styles with kids who just learned to chain, explaining the first two rows takes up all the time – if they all had the same instructions, it would have been easier. Also go with a mini project! (Sometimes convincing parents that they need to buy a pattern when there is so many free available is hard – also that they should buy yarn so the kids work with something not so frustrating as left over eyelash from a relative’s stash. Free does not always mean GOOD!)

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