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I’d never heard of a Russian graft, but it looks like when you join up hairpin lace, or work with picot selvages, cast-ons or bind-offs. I wonder what it would look like on illicium?

#yarnlovechallenge day 24: favorite tip. Instead of Kitchener stitch or three-needle bind-off, why not try Russian grafting? It makes a nifty braid and is reasonably stretchy. It also looks nifty in two colors, as you can see. On the rare occasions I knit cuff-down socks these days, this is what I use for the toe. Here's how it works for two separate pieces of knitting. Break the yarn on both pieces; there's no need to leave long tails. Hold the two needles of stitches, wrong sides together. Slip the first stitch off the front needle, knitwise. Slip the first stitch off the back needle, purlwise. If using a crochet hook, pull the new (white) stitch through the old (black) stitch; if using a knitting needle, pass the old (black) stitch over the new (white) stitch. Slip the next stitch off the front needle knitwise, and either pull it through the previous stitch, or pass the previous stitch over it, depending on whether you're using a crochet hook or knitting needle. Continue going back and forth until all stitches are used up. Pull on the last stitch so that its end is pulled through the previous loop. Note: if starting with knitting that was worked in the round, slip half the stitches; you want to start this kind of grafting on the end opposite the tail of yarn. If this doesn't make sense, there's good tutorials online and on YouTube. (That's how I learned.) Just search for "Russian grafting". #sockknittersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram

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Kate Davies has a tutorial up about using a 3-needle bind off on motifs for a modular blanket.

It can be a big deal when you switch hands in color stranded knitting. Ann Kingstone found a way to use the dominance to her advantage.

It’s always exciting to see someone investigating how to get knitted garments to fit better. I try to included fit suggestions in my garment patterns (all two of them so far 😉 Canaryknits is holding a year long knitpetiteproject.

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