Lovely Links; Other People’s (colorful) Patterns

Knit Eco Chic has a cute codebook with lacing

I loved this interview with Xandi Peters (who was so friendly and down to Earth when I met her at Rhinebeck last year)

check out her new collection with #FADIENT

PrairiePoppins +1 Pop collection looks clever in the what can I do with a mini-skein department.

Wooly has an intriguing new hat out, I’m wondering what she did to get the horizontal rib?

My daughter helped me take some photographs yesterday of the currently-in-Tech-editing- Sparrow bag,
Sparrow Bag

we both wore purple dresses,
crazy eye face
but she got bored of the project and headed for the playground long before the threatened, “YOU hold the bag and I’ll photograph you Mom!”
I'm being good by I'm so bored
Get me out of here!

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