More Double Increase Swatches

I’m back from pneumonia-land, so let’s get back to double increases.  I’m focusing on solid double increases, the ones that can be indicated with these symbols.

Naomi suggested several more increases, so I made more swatches. These have centered increases around a knit stitch, so they have a thicker spine look than the other double increases I swatched earlier, and they wouldn’t get the same symbols, but they are solid and interesting.

I made another brown swatch, but this one is LLI, k1, RLI, not knit into the stitch below, knit the stitch, knit into the stitch below again. The lifted increase was the same, so I used the same yarn. (And this let me use yarn I already had because my stash has to fit into my apartment.)  As with the lifted increases in one stitch, the garter stitch ground had an interesting meta pattern but the rib pattern looks confused in my opinion.

I added two dark green swatches, one m1r, k1, m1l, another m1l, k1, m1r.  I expected to like the m1l, k1, m1r on stockinette, reverse stockinette and garter better (and I did) but I was surprised that m1r, k1, m1l looked more smooth and tidy in ribbing; I thought it would be clunky everywhere – I Iike being surprised!


So, besides yo2 (which I think will get it’s own swatch because it’s so open and between stitches) any other ideas?


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