Needles are our Rocket ships

I negotiated with M and K this morning; I would go to In the Loop for the Sit and Knit, but we’d leave to got to the WWI Park slide after 15 min, or when K got too antsy, depending on which came first. Because I wanted to meet Talitha from Ravelry.

M holding a tinkertoy rocket ship with a background of his space drawings

She is as gracious and funny in person as she is online, and my kids enjoyed talking with her as much as I did.

M remarked to Tal, “Wow, these grownups are really bouncing off the walls.”
She laughed and pointed out the coffee. I looked up from the summer yarns, and realized that indeed, the gathered adults were acting like M and his friends yesterday as they made rocket ships and shot each other in the hallway with lasers.

Then it hit me; needles are our rocket ships. It’s like we are playing with tinkertoys, and shooting ray guns out our fingertips at our friends.

Oh look, a crochet hook on that asteroid, I’ve got dibs!

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