Sending $18.00 more on to the Friends of the Attleboro Public Library

This weekend the Berroco Design Studio featured my Library Windows Watchcap and Knitted Library Windows Watchcap – which lead directly to 4 sales. So I was able to send on $18 to the Friends of the Attleboro Public Library. About $18.00 came in over the summer, so 4 sales in a weekend was a big deal.

You buyers are not only giving the gift to the library, you paid the pay pal, and hosting fees. I’d have kept more than $.50 per pattern for expences but the tech editors didn’t charge much for charity patterns, the models worked for doughnuts, and I took the photos. Thank you familyl! Thank you tech editors!

Thank you buyers! I hope your crochet hook is happy, your knitting needles smile, and your hats feel comfy on your or your gift-ee’s head. They come in a few sizes, so you can accomodate a child or an adult, or an adult with a large brain.

Speaking of gifts, the Knitalong sale is done, but the excitement continues. I’m no good at riddles, but if you are, there is a tricky game, and many prizes availible to folks who post photos of their giftalong projects. Did you know that your photos of projects by independent designers is a big boost to them? You never know who will look at your projects, then click through to the pattern. If you’ve posted scarves and puzzles of mine, THANKYOU!

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