Tubular Cast on/Bind off

My friend at the knitting store mentioned that she had to knit English style due to arthritis, but she didn’t have a tutorial for making a tubular cast on in that method.  Talk about discovering a need in the community to blog about.
Tubular Cast on worked English Style Tutorial
I set out to make a few tutorials, then discovered that there are more methods available for casting on and binding off tubularly than I knew, and that (gasp) some of them were better than the ones I knew!
Tubular Cast on for 2/2 Ribbing
Tubular Cast on for 3/3 Ribbing
Tubular Cast On for 4/4 Ribbing
Tubular Bind Off for 1,1; 2,2; 3,3; and 4,4 ribbings
And here are the links to the other helpful tutorials on other people’s blogs
Tubular cast off (it’s pretty)
Tubular bind off
A Good Turn: Mastering the Tubular Bind-off