Zigzaggery Scarf

It started with a submission call, and the back of a swatch.   Zigzags reminded me of Elsebeth Lavold’s Viking Knits, but what if instead of a closed motif I tried a horizontal zigzags?   I checked her first book out of the library and played with the techniques in a swatch.  At some point the it got flipped over on my desk and I looked at the reverse side.  A 2/2p cable looks the same on both sides.  What if I tried to make a reversible fabric out of the zigzags?

Several editorial rejections (kind ones with specifics) and a lot of tech editing later, I finished this scarf pattern. $6.50

It has only 4 rows of instructions, and a chart.  I find reversible fabrics hard to navigate, so I put all the ways I kept myself from getting lost into the pattern so it will be easy for you.

The ladies at the sit and knit thought I was making another Herringbone Rectangular Scarf, so geometric fabrics must be my thing! Here’s how to decide which scarf you want to make: if you don’t mind using a cable needle every other row, you want to explore a goofy technique, and you like thick, puffy fabrics, then make Zigzaggery Scarf. If you want an easy knit with a (slightly) tricky beginning and ending, make Herringbone Rectangular Scarf, and if you want a dead easy scarf, pointy ends are no problem, make Herringbone Parallelogram Scarf.

All the people in my family volunteer to adopt the photography samples of any of these scarves, even the men.  So they would be good projects for early Holiday gift knitting, if you are so inclined.

The Zigzaggery Hat and Mittens work with it, all three patterns are available as an e-book  for $15 (US Dollars)

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