CDI again – because I goofed last time


I messed up my first post about the white swatch; because I thought I was an Eastern Uncrossed knitter.  Nope.  Continental, yes, uncrossed, yes, Eastern no.  So  why did I mess up my post about the original CDI?  I thought I did knitting through the back loop differently, and thus had trouble following directions.  So, here is my re-do.  I’ll leave up the old version (with a comment that it’s wrong and a link here) and I’ll change the links in the standing page so it goes here. But I don’t want to fill my subscriber’s mailboxes with updated old posts.

I used Kb, k, pick up the bar increase and knit it twisted for the knit-ish increases, and pb, p, pick up the bar increase and purl it twisted for the purl-ish ones.

The swatches were worked according to this pattern

Central Double Increase Purl instructions

Central Double Increase instructions

Thanks to everyone on Ravelry who helped me figure out how to fix my blog, and understand my own hands!

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