Enjoying Sarah Shira’s pattern

Wonder and joy, Dan’s nieces are old enough to want and appreciate woolen hand knits!   I picked two patterns from GAL designers for their Christmas presents, it was easy to search on what I needed from the GAL bundle.

For my younger niece, I made a pair of William’s Socks.  She has discovered how warm wool socks are – smart girl!  My older niece likes infinity scarves so I set out to make a cobblestone Intersections cowl. (Shown here on my daughter)  The yarn was Cestari in Blue Pansy.

Cobblestone Intersections Cowl
Cobblestone Intersections Cowl

I recognized the designer, Sarah Schira, from when I used to get homeschooling ideas from her homeschool blog, before her kids got older and she moved to her knitting design one primarily.

See how the slipped stitch selvage on the end of the garter is echoed by the border between the garter and the cobblestone section?  It’s the tiniest bit of ribbing.  Both sides look like they have a puffy knit stitch separating them from each section, but the purl ditch fades away into shadow.  Balanced asymmetry is so cool.  I was in awe of this pattern, so many elegant solutions, thoughtful, simple, in a clear, tidy, pattern.  Knit it, it’s wonderful.

Addendum: I had this post all set to auto post when I saw that Sarah was interviewed on how to become a Professional Knitter.  So I made sure to link to it.

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