I’ve got Ogees on my mind – early peek of new afghan

close up of forthcoming Al-Andalu Afghan
close up of forthcoming Al-Andalu Afghan

Since the GAL, I’ve had ogees on my mind.


Trellis and Chevron by BabyLove Brand
Trellis and Chevron by BabyLove Brand

When I saw BabyLove Brand’s Trellis and Chevron afghan (actually, ALL of BabyLove Brands patterns and photograph) I was glad I can crochet.  They make me want to design more for crochet too.  But for some reason, this one made me long to knit ogees – even with those tricky horizontal bits; just maybe in one color, because I did enough intarsia work in the ’80s.  And it had to be reversible, because blankets get flipped around a lot – and blankets are good applications for huge patterns – you can allow for a 50 stitch repeat.  (Though what if I make a fitted sweater based on brocade gowns with the motifs doing fancy things down the bodice.  How many sizes could I write with such a monster – it would be pretty though.)

Apparently this tile pattern was on my mind back when I was plotting out the illicium afghan, but it didn’t take over my head yet like seeing the Trellis and Cheveron afghan did


See the sketch on the lower right?

I’m not the only one feeling Ogees right now, I got Norah Gaughan’s Knitted Cable Sourcebook: A Breakthrough Guide to Knitting with Cables and Designing Your Own for Christmas (thanks Dan!) and she has many lovely cable Ogees.  And have you seen John Lloyd’s Haverfordwest Reversible Blanket?

Yep, Ogees on the mind – Moroccan ones, onion ones, how about star tessellations?


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