Would you test knit for me?

I’m preparing this set for self-publishing, the hat and scarf have been tech edited, the mittens are still in the works with Maureen Hannon.

Would you like to try the patterns before formal publication? I need your knit-ability feedback, lovely photos on a Ravelry page would be nice too, but mostly I want to be sure that the patterns are clear and fun to work.
e-mail me at christine at christineguestdesigns dot com

The hat and mittens are knit in the round, decorated with Elsebeth Lavold’s continuous cable technique in an original
motif. The cuffs and band have chevrons, with grounds that shift from garter stitch to reverse stockinette to stockinette, so your fingers get to dance, but it’s not actually hard. When I was developing the chevron, I looked at the reverse side, and realized that the 2/2p crossing was reversible, was it possible to make the whole fabric reversible?

Oh Geeky Squeal yes it was! And in only 4 rows of instruction too.

Want to try it out? e-mail me at christine at christineguestdesigns dot com

Oh, and I’ll send you a coupon for 2 of your choice of my patterns when we’re done.

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